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In 1998, Bob Fehr and John Lowe traveled to India with a team to share Biblical teaching with some local pastors in New Delhi and Bhubaneshwar. Quality seminaries are scarce in India. During a long airport layover in Bombay they decided to visit an orphanage in the slums. It had been started by Sister Jaya, who had also founded nine churches and a leper colony in the Bombay area. They wanted to meet this legendary woman who was now in her seventies.


When they arrived, they were surprised to find an old but clean building and happy children in the middle of one of the world's largest slums. Sister Jaya also started a Christian school in an adjacent location.


The children had come from the very lowest levels of Indian society, truly the poorest of the poor. Not all the children were orphans, some had parents too poor to raise them. They were from many backgrounds. Hindu and Muslim children were all given a home, a Christian education, and love from the staff.


John and Bob noticed that some of the children were suffering from preventable diseases. They felt that some of these illnesses could be avoided if the children could be moved out of the slums where raw sewage pours into the alley ways. The men also felt that the children should be able to play outdoors with grass underfoot. They started thinking about moving the school out of the slums. Unknown to them, Sister Jaya had also been praying for a way to move the children out of the slums.


When Bob and John returned to Tennessee, they couldn't stop thinking and praying about the children in the slums. They began to take steps to form a non-profit organization which is now named Capstone Ministries. They wanted Christ, our Capstone, to be the foundation for this ministry. They divided it into 3 projects:


Project Love was started to buy land and build a new orphanage and Christian school outside of the Bombay slums. This project is now completed and self-sustaining. We still offer support for college tuition and tutoring, in partnership with Bombay Revival and Prayer Band located in Mumbai, India. We are now involved in a start-up orphanage in in Hyderabad, a large city in South Central India.


Project Hope was created to reach people for Christ by providing medical help to the needy people of Chirala on the southeast coast of India. We are partnering with Baer Christian Hospital which was established as a medial mission center over 100 years ago.


Project Faith started a comprehensive Bible study to equip poor lay pastors to serve in churches and share the gospel. (The Capstone Bible Institute began in February 2009 and has students in India, Africa, and Mongolia.)


Capstone Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian organization. We receive monies from churches, fundraisers, and individuals. All of the funds we receive go to one of the projects mentioned above in order to further the Gospel. Capstone board members and friends pay their own expenses when they travel to India or work on fundraisers.




Capstone Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God around the world. Capstone is a registered 501c3 organization in the State of Tennessee.

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