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Ciapha Town, Liberia is one of the most destitute villages on the planet. Liberia (“land of the free”) is of the world's poorest nations following one of Africa's bloodiest civil wars leaving 200,000 dead and 1,000,000 displaced in refugee camps from 1989 to 1996. Ciapha Town lies three hours north of the capital of Monrovia on barely passable roads. There is no electricity or running water. Schools were shut down during the civil unrest and never reopened in this area. Children are growing up illiterate. The villagers die of treatable diseases. There is no medical care.

On December 5,2015, Hawa Ware was both nervous and excited to share her vision for Ciapha Town with the Capstone Ministries board. Her father had purchased 400 acres on a mountain at 4000 feet elevation prior to the civil wars and  miraculously was able to maintain ownership. He has since passed away but his daughter and her husband Armaa ,refugees  from Liberia to Knoxville as early teens and now married with two children and graduate degrees from University of Tennessee, want to return home to Ciapha Town. They envision a community center that would be a church, a school and a medical center and a place of meeting for the surrounding rural area of 10,000 people.


They requested that Capstone Ministries be a conduit for funds they hope to raise to complete the project. We pray Capstone could also provide many of the services, such as Biblical training and medical care, that we do in India. Five thousand dollars would provide for the building materials. The villagers would do the  brick making and construction under a supervisor's guidance, while at the same time learning a trade.


Please pray that God will provide for the great needs of these destitute fellow Christians.



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