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“...go therefore and make disciples of all nations...teaching them all that I have taught you...and lo I will be with you until the end of time.” Mt.28. India is a complex and ancient culture of over one billion people-with as many as eighty million being Christian. There are only a handful of quality Bible colleges in the country leaving thousands of lay pastors with a heart to serve God but very limited Biblical training. Capstone is attempting to address this issue with a unique program: Capstone Bible Institute (CBI) .We employ a “triple A” approach of: affordability, accessibility, and adaptability. We offer three levels of training to poor lay pastors: Level 1-Old and New Testament surveys, Level 2-an in depth, Biblical based discipleship study and finally Level 3- the great doctrines of scripture. There is a short handout on how to study scripture given prior to the study and another on pastoring and preaching following the study. The program can now be accessed online ( and includes study books, audio instruction, and transcription notes of the audio. We offer this to any pastor or teacher or evangelist who professes a heart to serve God. We have five Indian languages translated. The students may study independently at their own pace or in groups. We ask them to meet weekly, as able, with at least one other student to review the workbooks and discuss the material. A certificate is offered at the completion of each study provided they pass a final exam, with a diploma after completing all three levels.


We offer the same study in Africa. Liberia just graduated a class and five of those graduates want to go on to start planting and supervising their own CBI centers. Also pastor and teacher Amos Freeman was given an Epsom projector from Capstone, at his request, to start showing “The Passion of the Christ” throughout the region.


Ghana has a class completing the study and has also just started using the material on a radio ministry. The material is presented for thirty minutes followed by a call-in question and answer period.


Recently God has lead this ministry to Mongolia where there is virtually no Biblical training available. God has provided a gifted teacher and translator to lead this endeavor.



The seed for Capstone Bible Institute, (CBI) came to Dr. Bob Fehr's mind after going on different Bible teaching trips to India several years ago. When on these trips, he had been allowed to freely teach any Biblical study and the students—poor lay pastors— were eager to learn. However, he realized that there was no systematic way of teaching doctrine and discipleship to the students he encountered and there was no follow-up with them.


Here was certainly a challenge. These pastors had no access to Biblical training but were on fire to serve God and educate their flocks. Language was also a problem. How to go about teaching them in their own language?


Dr. Fehr started working with some members of his Capstone Ministries' Board to develop a basic study of the great truths of the Bible with in depth discipleship training. From Bob's initial desire to see a need fulfilled, came the Capstone Bible Institute.


How You Can Help


Capstone expects much growth in the Capstone Bible Institute. Our goal is to train 10,000 pastors through this program. We are near completion of the translation of all the online material ( in the following languages: Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Oriya, and English. This will language allow access to most Christians in India.


While Capstone Ministries provides the materials for the seminary study to lay-pastors at no charge, this multi-level course costs us about $80 per student to produce.


In India, CBI has an ever-growing number of students and training centers across the country. This growth can be monitored on the CBI website. Most of these students are poor lay pastors who would not have access to any Biblical instruction without our program.  This is one of the largest Bible teaching programs in this country of 1.2 billion.



Capstone Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God around the world. Capstone is a registered 501c3 organization in the State of Tennessee.

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