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Basic medical care is typically unattainable to the poor in India. Capstone Ministries feels a strong desire to help children and families by treating illnesses which are often preventable or treatable with education and accessible medical care.


In addition to providing medical relief, Capstone's purpose is to bring to light the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever people's physical needs are ministered to.

Baer Christian Hospital


Capstone Ministries is partnering with Baer Christian Hospital on the east coast of India. It was founded by Dr. Mary Baer who trained in Philadelphia but upon graduation in the early 1900's was called by God to start a charity hospital in a poor, rural area of India. After many decades of faithful service, the hospital fell into disrepair a number of years after Dr. Behr retired. In recent years, pediatrician from Atlanta, Lalitha Chikkala, and her husband, Fred, an AIDS researcher at Emory University, were called by God- to refurbish the hospital and continue the vision of Dr. Baer. Fred and Lalitha Chikkala were two of the last babies Dr. Baer delivered at the hospital before she retired. After growing up in the community, they moved to America to complete their education.


Today the clinic sees 50-70 outpatients daily and the hospital has been full the last two months. Capstone helped purchase a medical van used to provide medical care to remote surrounding villages. We recently sent a medical/dental team to provide care and preventative education.


The hospital is praying for $30,000 to renovate the second story of the hospital to be used for a nursing school. Capstone's primary goal is to help promote medical education and preventative care while sharing the love of Christ.


How You Can Help


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Capstone Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God around the world. Capstone is a registered 501c3 organization in the State of Tennessee.

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